Finding value in retail property 

Find out how to mitigate your risk, and find opportunities at an uncertain time


The most recent fall in the stock market means we are below where many people thought the floor was. We have long been advocates for a new model of valuing retail property, that attributes the store for its full use, including as a driver for online sales and brand engagement – not just where a transaction takes place. The latest devaluation cycle has meant that the time for pushing back to the market and proving, using objective datasets, the actual value of physical retail is now

This is true both for existing owners demonstrating value in their portfolio, and also for investors looking to understand the latent value of what may currently be under-valued space.

We have worked in partnership with both owners and occupiers across the sector for over 20 years, and believe that now is the time for all players to ensure that how we value physical space reflects how customers use that space. This means a degree of mutual and shared risk on the part of the owner, but also a recognition that stores are more than just transaction hubs on the part of the occupier. Our recent conversations with occupiers, agents and owners have shown that many leases will be rewritten in the coming weeks and valuation will need to be nimble – using our model you can ensure that valuation is clearly justified.

Our approach uses your existing data (footfall, reported sales), our data (Acorn, market, catchment) and our access to 3rd party, high frequency data to objectively demonstrate the value accretion role of the store in connecting brands to the customer through multiple channels; click & collect, online returns, online halo, and brand awareness. 

In the coming months we expect the retail landscape to shift significantly, with new leases, valuations and behaviours – this is the opportunity to get ahead of the curve. 

Our Guide sheds light to all these facts and focuses on:

  • Getting a true value of property in a post-Covid world.
  • Adapting a data driven approach to acquisition. 
  • Understanding space in a new consumer reality.

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