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At CACI, we have built our Cygnum software to be scalable, efficient and cost-effective for the transport industry. In delivering Cygnum, we believe that we can play a fundamental role in improving the outcomes of the transport industry for the benefit of its end users, as well as those employed to operate, maintain and manage the services.

Cygnum provides a flexible solution to transport operatives in analysing, running and enhancing your operations. Cygnum functions by providing you with workforce, case and financial management in a single seamless solution. Schedule your workforce effectively, drive the processes and capture the data you need for your operations as well as understanding the cost. You can plug Cygnum into your existing systems or use it as a central hub – you can use as much of the system as you need.

Cygnum’s flexibility enables transport operators to deliver smoother and more efficient services.

Driving efficiency

By working as an enterprise solution, Cygnum carries benefits for staff at all levels. Management have greater overview and insight into operations, middle management can more easily assign and report on tasks and those in the field can interact with their work on the go. This delivers clear lines of understanding, driving efficiency of process and staff deployment across your network. It also helps operatives to be more flexible when unplanned events occur. Such incidents can be more easily managed and later understood with Cygnum, since staff schedules can be amended at short notice to ensure the continued smooth running of your network, as well as saving time and cost.



From drivers and crew to guards and assessors, effective scheduling for those in the field underpins service delivery in the transport industry. Cygnum can optimise your staff scheduling, ensuring that the right people are in the right places, at the right time.



Guarantee that you can control and drive operational action using Cygnum’s case management functionality. Trigger processes at the right time, capture the right data and notify the right people, ensuring compliance, safety, training and HR procedures are accurate and up to date.


Time efficient
With Cygnum as your central hub, field-based workers can complete their tasks and capture their outcomes in real time. There is no need to fill out and submit paperwork anymore, freeing up staff time to focus on what they’re good at.


Cygnum has been built to be interoperable, meaning that you can plug it into other resources that you rely on to gain a holistic view of your network. This means that you can use as little or as much of Cygnum as you require.


Management information and reporting on operations is crucial to the transport industry: what works well across your network? What doesn’t? With Cygnum, you can gain valuable insight which can inform decision making and drive a deeper understanding of your operations.


Flexible workforce management

Optimise and drive efficiency through your processes

Richer analysis and management reporting

Help you comply with industry regulations


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