Help develop your post lockdown strategy with CACI’S Covid Re-engagement Score by understanding how customers are reacting to the ‘new normal’.

The way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically since Covid-19. The perception of safety has become a leading factor in how they engage with brands.

As the UK slowly comes out of lockdown, how should you be engaging with your customers? What will it take for consumers to re-engage with your brand?

With our Covid Re-engagement Score you can identity the locations within the UK where consumers are most concerned for their safety as lockdown eases, and begin to build your customer engagement strategy accordingly.

This fact sheet shares:

The top factors consumers will take into consideration before re-engaging with your brand
How you can leverage our insights to develop new services for your customers changing needs
How we built the product so you can identify those most-likely and least-likely to engage
The top 5 locations in the UK where consumers are likely to re-engage

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30% of consumers ranked Covid-19 Safety Measures as their number one priority