Changing consumers outlook and behaviour

The new consumer reality is here to stay, and the world needs to change to accommodate them 

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Covid-19 has completely transformed every aspect of our society and reset the consumer. We are in a new consumer reality and the old model for connecting to your customer needs updating. 

The impact of lockdown and the crisis has been both a top-down economic one and also a personal, psychological one. This is not like other economic recessions, this is personal and shifted the consumer psyche more dramatically than anything before. Spend has fallen dramatically in 2020, online sales have rocketed, people are scared of the city centres, shopping palaces and shops they used to love and brands are held to higher ethical standards than ever before.

The consumer has polarised on age and affluence, money used to buy you freedom of mobility, now it buys you freedom of immobility. For many their world has shrunk and actually they quite like it, for others they are keen to re-engage with society, but with a higher level of awareness of what they believe is ‘right’. Ethics and sustainability are guiding principles. Lockdown has hit fast forward on consumer change and we are in a new reality that needs shaping to reflect the new consumer.

CACI has undertaken our third survey of 1000 UK respondents to look forward and unpick what our new reality means for brands and place. How the consumer has changed and what you need to do to operate safely, sustainably and profitably in a post-lockdown world. We use data to unlock the consumer, to discover what they think, how they behave, where they go, who they are and ultimately why they do what they do.

We understand people and place and we help brands and help brands to engage positively with both. There is opportunity in adversity and working in partnership we can unlock them. Our post-lockdown framework signposts the direction for your new strategy, engaging your customer through their path to purchase, driving value every step of the way.


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