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With technology advancing faster than ever, the digital disruption in financial services is continually advancing – unlocking new opportunities and presenting new challenges to banks and other institutions.

As the use of these technologies become part of the everyday lives of consumer and business users, more and more data from a wider variety of sources pours in, such as mobile and IoT data.

By bringing this data stored in siloed systems and consolidating it in a single shared resource, it can then be used collectively and efficiently to generate better insights, improve the customer experience and ultimately help business growth.

A key challenge for financial services is how to manage, govern and protect the amount of data coming into the business. A modern-data warehousing strategy, built on the latest technologies can help solve this by creating a single version of the truth, underpinned with master data management, security and governance.

While over the past few years, storing data has been the top priority, other questions about the future are now presenting themselves, including: How can our data help us tomorrow?

Once you have a trusted architecture in place, you can then start to use analytics to maximise the insights into your data and facilitate accurate forecasting. Predictive modelling solutions allow you to take the vast amount of data you have to inform and support effective changes support effective changes, improvements and growth.

We help businesses across the financial services sector to deliver solutions that deliver best practices around data governance and privacy. We look beyond the technologies used and help clients understand the opportunities present in their data and build solutions to unlock them.

How we can help:


Building a solid foundation: Our technical architecture and delivery service teams design and create the data warehouse environment and supporting processes to meet the security, governance and privacy needs of financial institutions.   


Facilitating analysis: By bringing all of your data into a single shared resource, we create operational efficiencies that allow your teams to focus on analysis and insights.


Unlocking opportunities: Using data to forecast trends and measure the impact of a change to your business, can help drive confident decision making and business growth in a complex environment.


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Data Architecture

Optimise Data flow through your organisation

Data Science

Generate insight from your data


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