Adapting to Change in Your Community

Using Data to Tackle the Challenges of Modern Policing

As budget cuts continue, increasingly resources are at a premium for police forces across the UK – and that means forward thinking, more intelligent and cost-effective ways of preventing crime. Alongside shrinking resources, the very nature of crime – and the context in which it is occurring – is evolving.

Every day brings new challenges in your mission to prevent crime and protect local communities. Fortunately, you have an extremely powerful resource on your side – data.

Data plays a pivotal role in addressing each of these challenges. From understanding the best ways to engage with individual members of the community to understanding key indicators which may lead to an increase in crime, it’s your strongest ally in enabling smarter policing.

In this paper, we outline how data can support police forces like yours in tackling these existing and evolving challenges, the kind of data sources you can use to enable smarter policing and how a blended data approach can transform the way you prevent crime and engage with your community.

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