Real-time Asset Data Attribution for Rail

What is RADAR?

CACI Digital Solutions has developed an intelligent data platform (RADAR - Real-time Asset Data Attribution for Rail) capable of taking data from trains in real-time and outputting the results in a meaningful way to downstream systems.

RADAR takes underpinning train information – the unit, its schedule and its movements – and then overlays asset data which comes off the train in real-time - How many customers are in each carriage? Is the heating or air con is working? Are the toilets are in or out of use? If the data is available, RADAR can process it.

Around 70% of the current fleet in service have the capability to provide data about asset availability in real-time. For those that don’t, we can supply railway approved sensors to fill in the gaps.

What’s more, RADAR can push the information straight into the Rail Delivery Group’s Darwin system – making it available to front line staff and passengers through apps, websites and station information systems.

Find out more about the problems we have identified across the railway networks and the solutions we have below.

Some of the Problems


Rough Ride Reporting

Understanding which train and at what location a rough ride incident occurred is crucial to reducing delays. RADAR can help detect rough ride events and provide real-time reporting into Control Centres so that inspection and corrective maintenance can be quickly scheduled.


Trespass Incidents

RADAR can help reduce the impact of trespass incidents by using IoT sensors and smart video fitted in train cabs which detect and pinpoint the location of an incident. It can then provide real-time video to Control Centre staff to enable Network Rail and British Transport Police to be deployed rapidly.


Passenger Numbers

As more passengers return to the railway after the recent challenges, it is crucial to provide a safe environment for them to travel. RADAR will help you understand how many passengers can travel safely within each carriage and on each train, enabling you to deliver information about current occupancy to passengers before they travel.


Recording Unit Mileage

When trains have been displaced and run additional schedules due to disruption, it can be difficult to accurately record mileage. This can cause train exams to be late, leading to unnecessary failures, and sometimes results in trains running out of fuel causing further disruption. RADAR can help you manage your fleet's mileage and assist in scheduling exams and routine maintenance.


HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning failing causes passenger discomfort and customer service issues which can become public relations incidents in serious cases. RADAR can help by providing real-time updates on the statuses of on train facilities, including HVAC.


Real-time Customer Data

Improves customer experience across the rail network.

Real-time Operational Data

Improves customers’ positioning on the platform and likelihood of them finding a seat or space on the train.

Real-time Operational Data

Improves intelligence to operational staff to assist with tactical interventions.

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RADAR can help you counter the issues outlined here and more. Data is powerful and can provide information and insights to passengers, operators and engineers that can help minimise the impact of failures. Start a conversation now using the form below.