Real-time Asset Data Attribution for Rail

What can RADAR do?

CACI's Digital Systems Group has developed an intelligent Rail Data platform which has been designed to improve operations and customer experience.

By harnessing available data from trains in real time, combining them with other industry data feeds – for example; consists, schedules and train movements – and applying complex algorithms, RADAR can provide insights for operational staff and enhanced information directly to customers. Utilising RADAR can transform the way train operators manage their maintenance regimes and can improve customer satisfaction.

Find out more about the problems we have passenger-identified across the railway networks and the solutions we have below. 

Some of the problems...


Toilet facilities being out
of service

One report claimed that 60% of on Train Operating Company's (TOC) toilets were out-of-use. This can cause major inconvenience to passengers.


HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning)

Radar has full capabilities to monitor on board HVAC systems, ensuring the best visibility to identify challenges in temperature, humidity and quality of air. The solution empowers your operational and maintenance teams to find an issue in near real time and send the appropriate resource to deliver the fastest solution.


Refuelling schedules

There have been many reports of ongoing issues with trains running out of fuel which causes passenger delays or cancellation of trains.

We have the solution

Real-time Customer Data 

Increases customer experience across the
rail network.

Real-time Operational Data

Improves customers’ positioning on the platform and likelihood of them finding a seat or space on the train.

Predictive forecasting 

Improves intelligence to operational staff to assist with tactical interventions.


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